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FocusShifter Media for Retail and Press

Product Description:

Focus Shifter® is a stand-alone Follow Focus and Rack Focus with a focus marker board that can be used on any camera lens.  No extra equipment is required.  It's perfect for filmmakers, photographers, and anyone wanting to step-up their production capabilities with an inexpensive focus puller. It gives you professionalism without breaking your budget. 

Nail Your Focus

The focus marker board allows you to create marks for your focus points using a dry-erase marker. The arrow on the Shifter facilitates quick and easy transition between focus points. Pull focus like never before.

Hard Stops

Hard stop clips attach to the focus marker board, which allow you to shift between 2 focus points by feel without ever looking at the marker board.

Easy and Smooth

The Shifter allows you to smoothly pull focus without any jarring starts or stops. The ball design is easy to grasp so you can avoid twisting your hand into uncomfortable positions when pulling focus. For a lens with a narrow focus rings, you can prevent fingers from falling into the frame, by keeping them at a safe distance.

Improve Precision & Response

Using mechanical advantage, FocusShifter enhances focus and zoom precision by a factor of 3.5X. The result is more precise control, and smoother motion compared to turning the focus ring by hand. The easy to access handle will allow you to easily identify the focus control, and respond quicker to changes in focus.

Adjustable to fit most lenses

FocusShifter and the marker board are compatible with most DSLR, Micro 4/3, and other interchangeable camera lenses with a focus or zoom ring outer diameter between 56mm (2.20in) and 98mm (3.86in). Note: The "mm" markings on the lens are not the outer diameter of the lens.  You must measure the outer diameter.  If you're measuring circumference, distance around the lens, it fits from 176mm (6.93in) to 308mm (12.12in) in circumference.

Perfectly Balanced Design

The balance counterweight snaps onto the FocusShifter belt and perfectly balances the system. Balance counterweight only needs to be used on lenses that have a loose focus ring. Now you can release the lever, move the camera around, shake it up and down, and the focus will remain the same.

Simple to Install

To attach the Shifter, simply slip it over the lens, onto the focus ring and tighten it down by turning the ball. The Focus Marker attaches to the lens with an elastic band, and has rubber feet to hold it in place.

Adjustable Tightness 

The tightness of the belt is adjustable to your preference, giving you ultimate control.

Non-Slip Grip

The toothed belt matches the grooves on the focus and zoom ring, insuring a non-slip grip.

Assembled in USA

FocusShifter is assembled in USA from domestic and global components.



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