Photographers and Videographers love LensShifter!

LensShifter's superior grip adds production value and professionalism to your shots--without adding expense.


By popular demand, we're updating LensShifter to a new professional color scheme.

Now only the control balls are easy to identify colors, and the matte black body blends in with your camera, becoming a natural extension of the lens, allowing you to more easily control focus and zoom.

3 Easy To ID Colors

LensShifter Pro is available in 3 different colors, allowing easy identification of focus or zoom.

Precise Focus

The difference between sharp professional shots and blurry subjects is the focus. You can easily master the art of precise manual focus by adding the LensShifter to any lens. LensShifter allows smooth focus pulls and fine tuned focus.

Zoom Faster and Smoother

Some things are just too far, and you may ruin your chance of getting that perfect image by moving in closer. With LensShifter you can zoom quickly and smoothly to capture the exact moment you want.

For Photography

LensShifter makes it easy to fine tune your focus and zoom when taking photographs.

For Videography

LensShifter makes it easy to create awesome focus pulls, and control your zoom when shooting video.

LensShifter Pro Advantages
Better Ergonomics


Twisting your hand in awkward positions to adjust the focus and zoom and accidentally getting your fingers in the shot or in front of the flash will be a thing of the past. With LensShifter, the controls are moved to an easy to reach position. The ball at the top of the lever provides a comfortable grip.

Fast Setup 


It takes only seconds to install or remove LensShifter. If you are switching between lenses often, we recommend getting a LensShifter set for each lens to save even more time.

Absolute Precision


Lensshifter uses the mechanical advantage of a lever to allow you to fine tune your focus and zoom.

LensShifter Pro Features

Take a closer look at LensShifter Pro's features.

Perfectly Balanced
LensShifter includes a Balance Counterweight accessory. You won't have to worry about the LensShifter handle moving when you release it or move with the camera.
Universal Compatibility
LensShifter is compatible with most DSLR, Mirrorless, Micro 4/3, and other interchangeable camera lenses with a focus ring outer diameter between 56mm & 98mm.
Adjustable Tightness
The tightness of the belt is adjustable to your preference, giving you ultimate control.
Removable Counterweight
The Balance Counterweight is easy to remove when it is not needed. It snaps back onto the belt when you need it.
Non-Slip Grip
The fiber reinforced timing belt is made of rubber insuring a non-slip grip, but the internal fibers prevent it from stretching, providing that direct connection to your lens.
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Our simple but powerful tools make it easy to take control of your camera lens. Master focus and zoom with FocusShifter and LensShifter.

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